Thanks to continuous technological research in the field of fibres and associated processes, Cittadini Spa is now a leader in the supply of nets for the agricultural sector. Increasing weather instability calls for nets produced using advanced and safe materials that can guarantee optimal protection of the different crops (vines, olives, and fruit).

» Nets for Greenhouses
Nets for covering greenhouses and partition nets for indoor crops.

» Sun Shading Nets
Nets with different sun shading powers for car garages, fields, and buildings.

» Nets for the Collection of Olives
Nets for the collection of olives using mechanised or conventional systems.

» Anti-Hail Nets
Nets to protect vineyards, crops, buildings or car garages from hail.

» Aviary Nets
Nets for the fabrication of bird rearing aviaries for aviculture.

» Windbreak Nets
Nets to protect fields and private areas against strong wind.

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